Retractable Bollards

Designed for the day to day operation and protection of your property or site, with the convenience that allows you to retract the bollards into the ground when not in use or to allow access when required. When raised and locked, they effectively safeguard your property or site from unwanted guests or ram raids.

The R1 Retractable Bollard in operation:

Retractable Bollards R1 How they work
Retractable bollards have a sleeve that is set below ground and into concrete and contains the retractable bollard that can be raised or lowered to suit your security or access requirements.

Ramguard Retractable Bollards are available in three levels of security; R1 Medium Security, R2 High Security, and RBB High Security 'truckstopper'.

As standard, Ramguard Retractable Bollards are available powdercoated with reflective tape, in the following diameters and heights;  


Retractable Bollard

Medium Security

 Click here for Technical Info Sheet(PDF)

100mm Outside Diameter

550mm or 800mm Height (stocked)

or custom height made to order

Keyed Lock Locks when


R1-550 Retractable Bollard.jpg


Retractable Bollard

High Security

 Click here for Technical Info Sheet (PDF)

100mm Ouside Diameter

650 or 800mm Height (stocked)

Keyed Lock



R2 Retractable Bollard (2).jpg     

RBB (Big Boy)

Retractable Bollard

High Security

  Click here for Technical Info Sheet (PDF)

140mm Ouside Diameter

800mm Height (stocked)

Keyed Lock

Truck Stopper

Weight Assisted (backsaver)

Ramguard BigBoy Bollard.jpg



All of our retractable bollards are available with the following optional features:

  • Custom height
  • Weight assisted, you lift only 1kg.
  • Stainless steel
  • Any colour or combination of colours
  • Keyed alike, or individually
  • Keyed to suit your own system and all the locks in your premises for your convenience. i.e. one key opens multiple locks

Retractable bollards R2 Options

 R2 Bollards shown above

R2 Retractable Bollard shown below.                

 Automatic bollards with car


R2 800 Stainless Steel Retractable Bollards.jpg

R2 800 Stainless Steel Retractable Bollard shown above - Maylands Library

Ramguard Bigboy bollards installed in quarry.jpg

Ramguard Bigboy Bollards shown above - installed at Ellis Brook Quarry, City of Gosnells

Please enquire to our friendly sales staff for details