Car Park Products: Speed Humps, Wheel Stops, Height Clearance Warning Bars

Speed Humps & Wheel Stops

Both our Speed Humps and rubber Wheel Stops are designed as an economical and durable product. They
are both made from a tough recycled rubber compound and are finished with a highly visible yellow hazard pattern. Both are easily installed into either bitumen or concrete, and are light weight and super tough. Our wheel stops can also be made in steel.

Pricing - Supplied & Installed (Perth Metro) * Conditions apply

Wheel Stops including fixings



Recycled Rubber Wheel Stop AS 2890 Compliant


Length - 1650, Height - 100, Width - 159

Concrete Wheel Stop.  AS 2890 Compliant

$110 +


Length - 1650, Height - 100, Width - 160

Speed Humps



Rubber Speed Hump/metre


2 Reflective Cats Eyes & Fixings, W - 250, D - 350, H - 53

Rubber End Caps


2 Fixings, W - 175, D - 350, H - 53


  Speed Hump  

Rubber wheel stop.jpg



Please click here to view the Wheel Stops & Speed Humps Technical Data Sheet 

Height Clearance Warning Bars

Provide a visual warning indicator at points of entry for height restricted areas. Reduces risk of damage to buildings and infrastructure and eliminates liability if signs are not adhered to. Please click here to view the technical data sheet for more information.

Height Clearance Warning Bars´╗┐


Please enquire to our friendly sales staff for details´╗┐