R3 Automatic Bollards

Ramguard Automatic Bollards are the most effective automatic security product on the market. They are designed for easy, reliable use and provide full security with convenience.

Designed for high use or high traffic areas, including, public car parks, loading bays, staff parking areas, driveways, public community spaces etc, automatic bollards control or restrict access for specific needs or uses when required. Bollards can be fully controlled remotely without the need to leave your vehicle, control room, or office.

R3 Demo Watch Demo R3 Automatic bollard demonstration

As standard, Ramguard R3 Auto Bollard Bollards are supplied with the following features:

  • 100ODx 800mm high,
  • Fully automated design, Quick 4 second operation,
  • Low voltage system (12 Vdc), no need for mains power,
  • Battery back-up,
  • Remote Control Operation
R3 Auto Bollard.jpg








All of our automatic bollards are available with the following optional features:

  • Bollards are available in any height and/or diameter,
  • Stainless Steel
  • Any colour or combination of colours
  • Independant solar power
R3 Solar Panels Retractable Stainless Steel Bollard R2Solar Controller.jpg




All of our automatic bollards systems are operable by the following (or a combination of) the following):

  • Remote control,
  • Keypad
  • Swipecard
  • Configurable timer
  • Car sensing detector
Keypad.jpg Keyfob.jpg






All of our automatic bollards systems are available by the following safety features (or a combination of the following):

  • Traffic Lights
  • Car sensing detectors
R3 Traffic Lights Auto Bollards.jpg





The R3 Automatic Bollard technical info sheet is available to view (PDF)

Please enquire to our friendly sales staff for details.