Bike Racks

Ramguard Bike Racks are a strong and secure solution for parking bicycles in public access areas including carparks, shopping centres, schools, parks, public transport stations and shared community spaces. We can supply custom designed bike rails as well as our standard range shown below. For more information about each particular design, please view the technical Data Sheets by clicking on the links provided.

 Permanent Bike Rack Bollards


Permanent Bike Rack Bollard

Please click here to view the permanent Bike Rack Bollard Technical Data Sheet


U Shaped Bike Racks

U Shaped Bike Rack Curved    U Shaped Bike Rack Square

U Shaped Bike Rack Unique

Please click here to view the U Shaped Bike Rack Technical data Sheet


Multi Bike Racks

Multi Bike Rack O Shaped     Multi Bike Rack P Shaped

Please click here to view the Multi Bike Rack Technical Data Sheet


Spiral Hoop Bike Racks

Specs: 42mm Stainless Steel pipe (SS 304-4 linished finish), 725mm wide, 370mm deep, 850mm high, sub-surface mounted (technical data sheet coming soon)

 Spiral Hoop Bike Rack


Wall Mounted Bike Racks

Specs: 26.7mm HDG pipe frame and powder coated black, 700mm high, 600mm protuding from wall (technical data sheet coming soon)

wall mounted bike rack 

Please enquire to our friendly sales staff for details´╗┐